Mark's simple offer to you...


Dear Friend:

I'd like to offer you a one-on-one free telephone consultation with me to discuss what you're trying to accomplish and how to overcome any obstacles that you may be having.

I've done this with others and in usually 15 minutes together we can put together an action plan that you can focus on to help you have the breakthrough that you're looking for.

(you can read comments from others at the bottom of this page)

Prior to our conversation on the telephone, you will email me what you are wanting to accomplish and what you believe are your three biggest obstacles keeping you from your goals.

We will set an appointment time for you to call me and we will talk for 15 minutes or so, one-on-one, in a private and confidential conversation.

This is only being offered to you by my invitation only, and just so you know the value of this, I would normally charge someone $500 for this type of consultation.

Simply fill in the information below and press the Submit button. I will send you an email with more details after doing so.

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Your privacy is assured. We never rent or sell your name and contact information
to anyone. It is only for our use in staying in contact with you.

Thank You

Name: Mark Hendricks
Address: Hunteridge, Inc.
PO Box 753
21450 Hendricks Ln
Trilby, FL 33593
Phone: 352 583 3697

Here's some of the comments from others:

Dear Mark,

Thanks so much for the 15-minute "Empowering" consultation you gave me.

I am still blown away at the amount of valuable information you gave me

in such a short amount of time. I now have a whole new business model
to work with and ways to implement the very things that have been
holding me back.

I can't wait to have another consultation with you in the future.

Securely yours,

-- Regina Smola

- - -

Mark Hendricks is one of the real guys.  He was able to understand and

get to the heart of what I needed to do in less time than anyone
I have ever met. 
I only had a short time with Mark, but the way he helped me get clear in
my head what I needed to do, is more than hours of listening to audios, watching videos and reading other peoples stuff has ever done.  I am looking forward to working with Mark on other projects and finally breaking through the barriers that have kept me from success.

If you can get close to one person and get some of his insight - by whatever means possible - make it Mark Hendricks. 
-- Tate Burns

- - -


I want to thank you so much for the 15 minute session. 

What surprised me was that what you showed us, I thought I already

knew - but then you made me realize I have not actually been DOING

You helped me realize that I must plan strategically, actually

WRITE IT DOWN and then take action on the plan, and finish what I start.

You showed me how I need to be more disciplined and balanced to be able

to achieve any type of long-term sustainable business success. 

You also helped me to see different options for positioning my website

and business to be more effective in making sales online. 

I am daily using and referring to the planning tool you gave us, which

is helping me stay on track and work toward my goals of a sustainable business and more balanced and prioritized life. 

Mark, I really appreciate your help, your wisdom and insight, your gift
of teaching, your spirit of service and giving back, and most of all
your heart and the inspiration that you bring to me and many others.

Thank you!

-- Sheri Dresser

- - -


I wanted to thank you for fitting me into your schedule for a consultation.

I was absolutely blown away! What we accomplished in 15 short minutes was

enough to keep me busy for months!

Your perspective helped me really clarify some key elements of my strategy

and your simple '3 steps to bridge the gap' guidance was dead on.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial because I want to say this

DIRECTLY to anyone considering hiring you as a coach, mentor, or advisor...

"Don't think... just do it.  Mark is the real deal and one of the few

leaders in this market. He's 100% bonafide, real deal."

Thanks again Mark,

-- Doug Hudiburg

- - -

With the gift of insight, perception and forward thinking, Mark Hendricks
was able to listen to my "day in the life of a feed store owner" and give
me incredible ideas to grow my business.

Mark takes the talents he sees in each of us and projects them into the
business at hand, which in turn enables us to become more successful at
our ventures, whether they are online or in a brick and mortar store.

The experience that Mark brings to the discussions he has with each
individual guarantees that if you listen to what he says, you will add
at least one successful component to your business and life.

-- Rebecca Wilcox

- - -

I had the pleasure of discussing my business with Mark and came away

with a whole new plan.

Mark has a unique teaching style that really clicked with me. He has a

way of taking complicated concepts and making them very clear and
easy to understand. I had many "Ah Ha" moments in the short time
we spent together. 

All the best!

-- Joy Swearingen

- - -

It's the 15 Minute Hurricane of Serenity.

That's what meeting with Mark Hendricks is like.

Imagine clarity, simplicity and focus.  That's on the outside.

Now think about the flood of ideas, the sudden knowledge of your
missteps and your future direction. Imagine what joy and purpose
this hurricane of thoughts will drive you toward.

It only takes him 3 minutes to understand, to pull from you what
you really want to be doing, to give you a goal you knew you
already had.

Mark is a magnet of purpose. 15 minutes - and he'll bring it
to the surface.

-- Dan R Morris

- - -

My 15 minutes with Mark were amazing!

He pointed out three action steps I could take to increase my conversion

rates. It really was wonderful that he could pin point three items so
quickly and when he did I totally saw what he said made perfect sense.

At first I was quite skeptical at what I could learn in 15 minutes but

Mark really did surprise me. His advice was timely, specific and so
very worthwhile.  I am very glad I booked my 15 minutes with him and
you can be assured if he is generous enough to do it again I will
be there with bells on.

Thanks Mark for your very valuable generosity!

-- Carla McNeil

- - -

Thank you Mark, for taking the time to discuss my membership site

idea. Your positive feedback has made me much more motivated to

As well, you asked a number of questions about my target market and

how I would bring people to the site. You also recommended some ways
I could promote it. I especially liked your idea for getting the
members themselves to help one another.

I was terribly nervous about meeting with you, but so very glad

that I did.

-- Carol Bremner

- - -

I was lucky enough to grab 15 minutes with Mark Hendricks.

The good news was that a friend of mine had to cancel her appointment

with Mark and gave it to me, the bad news was that I wasn't fully
prepared with what I wanted to talk about.

So when I talked with Mark I just let loose with all that I was

thinking and had no real direction. The consummate professional,
he took my rambling ideas and expertly formulated a coherent plan
of attack.


-- Lisa Wells



I can't thank you enough for your time.  You created one of those life
and business altering "AHA" moments during our conversation that was
simple yet brilliant.  I've been able to incorporate the information
that I learned from you into different areas of my life as well as
use it to help others. 

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and your immense

-- Christine Prelaz

- - -

Mark was so generous with his time and knowledge.

He showed me step-by-step what I needed to do to move my business

-- Judy Scuderi

- - -

In my 15 minute session with Mark, he looked at one of my sales
pages and made several suggestions about content and placement.

When I got home, I went through the list and implemented each

My conversions went up about 50% after that.

If you ever get a chance to spend time with Mark, you should do
it. I am now a member of his program because I wanted more than just 15 minutes!

-- Chris Cobb

- - -


In fifteen minutes, you cut through the BS and the fog and helped
me focus with concrete, actionable items. You listen and responded
with your whole attention, heart, and vast history of experience.

Thank you, Mark, for making a difference for me and my business.

-- Lain Ehmann

- - -

Hi Mark,

I genuinely appreciated the 15 minutes I spent with you. During that
short time, you helped me with a very specific list building tip (that's
perfect for our busines) and you gave me a couple great monetization ideas for our site as well. One has the potential to almost quadruple our income.

Lastly, you gave me some great food for thought. It was 15 golden minutes and I'm very appreciative of your insight and generosity.

Thank you so very much!

-- Mary Morris

- - -

Imagine Luke Skywalker in consultation with Yoda in Star Wars.

My 15 minute consultation with Mark Hendricks created a similar scene.

Thankfully Mark’s communication was clear and direct and there was
no “Yoda-speak”.

In a brief period of time, Mark was able to help clarify my struggles
with marketing through affiliates and to give me a direction for
change. We looked at the problem from the strategic level and he was
also concise in his description of specific tactics to use.

Mark encapsulated days of training with others into a brief conversation.

And there’s more!

Mark also gave me a sales page blueprint that will be used in my business
for years and has already improved my conversion.

Thanks, Mark!

-- Janet Slack

- - -

Mark Hendricks has a knack for zeroing in on what questions to ask and what needs answers to.  He is also a rich resource for people and systems.

His experience can help jump start a failing business or greatly improve a successful business. 

-- Lisa C. Decker

- - -

Talking with Mark was an answer to prayer. In just the first five minutes, Mark cleared away the three of the barriers that were slowing me down, and handed me a solution to a challenge that I had spent hours trying to figure out.

He gave me the confidence that I was in fact on the right path, and gave me insights into techniques that will accelerate my path to profits. In fact I've already seen a difference in traffic and conversions based on the insights I put into practice after talking to Mark.

If you get the chance to talk with Mark, grab it, and be prepared to write some notes and take action, because Mark is generous with his knowledge and has that rare ability to draw out clarity and give you confidence to move forward.

Thank you Mark for all you do!

-- Shannon Stoltz