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Training Videos

Click each and a new window opens

One: Installation Video

Two: Campaign Management
- Edit Mode -

Version 2 Addons not in video:

More contact info available to choose from and check boxes to require or not

Ability to add questions to middle of question sequence

Multiple choice answers now have choice of drop down,
or two versions of radio button layouts

Three: Campaign Management
- Elements and Design Mode -

Version 2 Addons not in video:

Edit Mode: You can now assign font styles (bold, italic, bold italic) to Font Types

Design Mode: There are now five "token" boxes at the bottom of the Campaign Design
which allows you to insert code you get from audio, video, and flash media.
Copy the code snippet you are provided by the service or your software and
paste it in the "token" box at the bottom, then copy the [TOKEN_1] and paste
it in your campaign page where you want the media player to appear. As always,
click the Save button at the bottom right of the page to save your work.

Version 2.1 Addons not in video:

Edit Mode: You can now flag each question, Yes or No, as to whether or not you
want that question to require an answer. The default is No. See the drop
down box just under the question box in Edit mode.

Design Mode: If you have selected to have Page Breaks inserted by way of the Edit Mode,
you can now design each page to have the look you want. You can even setup your
first page(s) to not have the [TOKEN_VISITOR_CONTACT] on it, and just have the
[TOKEN_BUTTON] submit button there to move them to the next page. The last
page of questions would have all the necessary tokens to gather contact
information and provide them your contact information if you haven't
provided it on an earlier page. See the drop down Design Page
selector at the top left of the HTML design area.

Four: Campaign Management
- Autoresponder and Subscription Mode -

Version 2 Addons not in video:

You can now set YAT to send you a message letting you know that someone has
submitted information to your campaign, just set the "New subscriber notices"
option to Yes in the Autoresponder mode

Five: Campaign Management
- Results and Analysis Mode -

Version 2.1 Addons not in video:

If someone does not answer a question, then in the Analysis Mode you will see
"No Answer" as part of your stats for that question. In the Results Mode
it will just be shown as a blank answer with nothing in the answer space

Six: General Search

Seven: Send Mass Messages


Version 2 Addons not in video:

Copy Campaign mode is now available - copy a pre-existing campaign setup (not answer data)
to make similar campaigns, then edit the new campaign as you wish

Import Data mode is now available - you can now import answer data to a campaign. Be
sure the import csv file matches up with your YAT campaign questions. You may wish
to export data from a current campaign to see how the csv file is structured and
modify your csv import file before importing the non-YAT data to your campaign

Using External Autoresponders Systems

From your Admin Control Panel, click on Subscription for the
Campaign you are working on, and select Through HTML Form

For ByPass and AutoResponsePlus, simply copy your subscription form code
including the opening < form > tag and closing < /form > tag and paste it in the box

Using Aweber Autoresponder System with You Ask Them

Using 1Shopping Cart Autoresponder System with You Ask Them

If you have another AR system, please watch the videos to see what you
may need to do to get your system to work with You Ask Them

If you need further help, please open a
"You Ask Them" support ticket at:


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